Sanjay Bhansali Cancels Shooting Of Padmavati For Vinod Khanna

On hearing of Vinod Khanna’s sudden demise on Thursday afternoon, Sanjay Leela Bhansali cancelled the day’s shooting of Padmavati.

Says a members of  the film’s crew, “It just didn’t seem right to continue shooting after we heard of   Vinod Khannaji’s passing away. Everyone felt emotional , more so since his youngest-born Sakshi is a regular  at Sanjay Bhansalsi’s office.”

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Rumours of Vinod Khanna’s youngest born being launched by Sanjay Bhansli’s production house have been doing the rounds. It is believed that Sanjay Bhansali will focus on launching the young Khanna scion as soon as he’s done with Padmavati.

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