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Sanjay Dutt The King Of Catastrophic Setbacks

Sanjay Dutt’s Illness Stalls Shootings

Bollywoods most controversial  superstar Sanjay Dutt is  in  trouble again. This time he has done nothing to  bring it on  to himself. Controversys favourite child Dutt, age  60, has been  diagnosed with  lung cancer.

As he prepares  to take  a  sabbatical from acting there is prevalent panic , not only about his pending work(he has  three forthcoming films in various stages  of production) but also the way 2020  is taking the Hindi film  industry.This year   Bollywood has  already lost several  of its luminaries  including Irrfan Khan and  Rishi Kapoor.

If we make it through this year it will  be a  miracle. One  after the  other so many  of our film industrys  loved ones are  leaving us.  Sanju(Sanjay Dutt) is  awarrior. He will defeat this adversity, says  seasoned  director  J P Dutta who has worked in the  epic saga Kshatriya and  the  war epic  LOC  Kargil  with Sanjay Dutt.

Dutts life is a litany of  adversity. From the age  of  1981 when  he lost his mother the legendary Nargis Dut to to cancer , waywardness  became  a way of life  for  Dutt. After his mothers death Dutt was heavily  into drugs  which  caused his lungs to  collapse. This could have been   the  starting  point for his lung problems which have  now reached  a point  of no return.

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In 1983 he was arrested under  the TADA  act. He eventually served a  5-year term and  came  out  in 2016  hoping to finally lead a normal life with his devoted wife Maanyata and his twin children.

Fate, it seems had other plans. The  cancer diagnosis  has devastated  Dutt. At the moment all  he wants  is to be  reunited  with his wife and children  who are stranded in Dubai since the  lockdown.

I remember Sanjay Dutt once telling me, I was out control as a  child.  And I  take responsibility  for  what happened to  me . I was in and out of jail.  Today my tomorrows  dont seem  to  be that insecure. I sleep  better.

I am sure  the  actor will  weather  this storm as well.

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