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Go-to Dating Advice From Sara Ali Khan & Kusha Kapila To Help You Have An Authentic Date Experience 



Sara Ali Khan & Kusha Kapila

Catch Gen Z’s favourite ladies Sara Ali Khan & Kusha Kapila as they get candid about online dating, Body positivity and loving yourself on Tinder’s Swipe Ride series


Popularly known to spark connections with new people, Tinder is all set to up the dating scene in India with its latest offering – ‘The Swipe Ride’ series. Aimed to bring the uninhibited and meaningful conversations about what women really expect in terms of their dating lives in a society like India to the forefront, this series is sure to crank the dating scene in today’s fast paced world. In the first episode of Tinder swipe rides, dynamic duo actor Sara Ali Khan and social media queen, Kusha Kapila get candid with Tinder member, Meghana, who is on her way to meet her Tinder date. The short ‘trusty ride’ is not preachy, but filled with fun, hilarious one liners such as ‘Sara Ali Khanfidence’, and relatable conversation that ranges from spelling the importance of being authentic on a date to having an original and non-google inspired dating bio with good pictures.

Swipe right to authenticity

Sara and Kusha highlighted the importance of being your true self when it comes to online dating. Sara firmly believes this when she says “You can tell when someone is pretending to be something versus when someone is who they really are. Karo toh honesty se karo, imandari se karo aur shiddat se karo.” Both Sara and Kusha believe that being pretentious doesn’t take you far in life and certainly not on trustworthy dates. They also spoke about how passion is important in the beautiful concoction of dating. During the lovely and positive conversation between the three dynamic ladies, Sara emphasized on not falling under the norms set by society of looking “perfect”, but accepting and loving oneself the way they are. 

Nothing over self-love and acceptance

The trio parted on some truly promising mantras that will be useful while going on a date. One such mantra is: while finding love is important, it is equally critical to love yourself unconditionally. As Sara rightly puts it out, “I feel that because I was a fat child, may be in those very formative years of my life, whether it’s with a guy, whether it’s with friends, whether it’s with just society in general, I never found my defining aspect through the way that I looked!”

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