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Sarah, Shradha Squeal On Sushant Leaving His Lawyer Looking Red-Faced



True confessions time at  the Narcotics Control Bureau where on Saturday Shradha  Kapoor and  Sarah Ali Khan blurted  out the best-kept secret about Sushant Singh Rajput.

These two ladies,  lord bless their  honest souls, claim to have seen their  co-star consuming  drugs  , presumably  during the  films that they shot with Sushant, namely Kedarnath and Chhichhore.

While questioning the ethics of  these two ladies in  safeguarding their own  nterests  and making Sushant the sacrificial  lamb,   the  revelation made by  Sushant’s  two co-stars would only shock those who  know  nothing  about  the way  Sushant lived his  life in his last years. Or perhaps it would also  shock Sushant’s family and lawyer who have constructed their own narrative  for what  happened  to Sushant, and why.

The  truth  may not be comfortable to those who have been baying for Rhea Chakraborty’s  blood.  But the fact is, Sushant had  serious psychological  problems during his closing years that he did not want to  share with his  family.

And these problems  had nothing to  do with the way his career was  going. No one was snatching roles away from Sushant. On   the contrary he was rejecting films regularly.  He was wrestling with his  own reality.Ironically that’s what  Sushant’s family and supporters are  doing  after his  death. 

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