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Sardar Udham Brings Shoojit  Sircar’s Favourite Binita Sandhu Back From The Backdoor



Sardar Udham Singh

Did  Udham Singh have a  girlfriend in Punjab named Reshma ? And was she  mute? There is  no  evidence  to support either of  the  plot devices in Shoojit Sircar’s  Sardar Udham  chronicling the journey of  Jallianwala  Bagh massacre avenger  Udham Singh from Punjab to England to assassinate  the Britisher  who  ordered the massacre.

Midway through   the compelling film Binita Sandhu who made her impressive debut in Shoojit Sircar’s October opposite Varun Dhawan, appears  in the film as  Udham’s mute Punjabi beloved Reshma.

There is no historical  validity to Sircar’s romantic  imagination .

In October  Sircar had cast  the British born Indian Binita Sandhu as a comatose  entity  . Now she  is  back as a mute Punjabi kudi, thereby escaping the pitfalls  of  goofing up while speaking in Hindi/Punjabi.

Binita can’t speak Hindi or Punjabi.She had  shared this  detail  with  me when she was in India shooting for Adithya Verma,  the Tamil  remake  of the Telugu film Arjun Reddy.Needless to say  she can’t speak Tamil.  But her character was neither mute nor unconscious. Her lines were dubbed  by  a professional.

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