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Sexual Harassment? “Married” Rakhi Sawant Pulls At Abhinav Shukla’s Shorts, Vindoo Dara Singh Defends Rakhi



I don’t watch Bigg Boss.  I would rather use the time to punish  myself  in  other ways. Like whipping myself with a  thorn whip. But when I heard  about Rakhi Sawant’s latest  antics on  the show I was horrified. The drama queen is actually seen  pulling  the strings of her Bigg Boss inmate  Abhinav Shukla’s  shorts.


This  cannot be seen a playful gesture. It’s not two boys  in a swimmingpool locker room. It’s  a grownup  woman  tugging at a man’s shorts on camera  with millions  watching. Ms Sawant obviously wants something, and she’s most welcome  to it.And it’s not just publicity.

 But what happened to her newly-married husband? Wasn’t she  supposed  to introduce him to  the public on Bigg Boss? Leave aside that. Why is  a recently married woman pulling at a married man’s shorts in  full  view of his wife? Is this decent behavior?  We don’t need an answer to that.  But we  do need an answer as to why Bigg Boss , the channel Colors  and Endemol who produce  this silly sleazy show, allow such a  lewd attempt at  sexual harassment?

Think of what  hell would have been raised  if  the  roles  were reversed and it was  a woman who was subjected to this obnoxious behaviour?

Vindoo Dara Singh ,former Bigg Boss winner, laughs off Rakhi Sawant’s behavior as an attention-seeking  gimmick. “In real life she’s very sorted. Once she’s on camera she will do anything for attention. No matter what it takes she  will get publicity. And she’s all over  Bigg Boss. It proves her  presence works  for the show.  People love her antics. My sister is crazy about Rakhi.And Rakhi is  happy to be the entertainer. She will do anything to entertain and to boost TRPs.”

According to sources  Endemol, the  producers of Bigg Boss have adopted  a hands-off attitude to this season’s going on.

“The  channel Colors is  handling all the tamasha this time. Even Rakhi pulling strings on the  show is  all pre-planned ,” the  source informs

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