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Shah Rukh Khan: No Outdoors For Now, Thank You



Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is determined to spend as much time as possible with his son Aryan Khan who was incarcerated this October for alleged drug possession. Now out on bail Aryan has his father’s full attention.

“He is on high alert. Shah Rukh has always been a good father. He is now going to be an aven better father. He wants to be as close to Aryan as he can without without smothering him in attention,” a close friend of the Superstar confides.

Shah Rukh has informed all his producers that he won’t shoot outside Mumbai for some time. Apparently the Spain schedule of Shah Rukh’s Pathan is now being relocated to Mumbai,

Shah Rukh’s personal bodyguard is now being shared by father and son Khan.

Not that Aryan needs security .

“He isn’t going out much anyway. He is disinclined to party or meet friends at this point of time,” the family friend informs.

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