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Sushmita Sen’s Very Special Birthday Gift



Sushmita Sen

Season 2 of her comeback series Aarya is the best gift birthday gift that director Ram Madhvani could plan for Sushmita Sen who turned a year older on November 19.The best surprise that the underused actress could get is another season of Aarya the series based on the Dutch series Penoza.

Confirming that Season 2 is ready director Ram Madhvani says, “We’re into post-production. How is the second season looking? You will be the best judge of that.Sushmita and I have done our best.Have we gone beyond Season 1? I think so. I have a great comrade and fellow-warrior in Sushmita, She just makes the whole process of creating the series so much easier.”

What can we expect in Season 2 that we didn’t see in Season 1?

Says Madhvani, “I can’t reveal much. But it’s going to take the characters beyond what they’ve already done.”

Interestingly Kajol was the original choice for Aarya.

“That was when Aarya was a feature film and the OTT platform was a distant dream,” quips Ram Madhvani. “I can’t say what the story would have been with Kajol in the lead. But it would have been very different.”

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