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Shatrughan Sinha: “It’s Up To Us To  Ensure Our  Children Are Drugs Free”



Shatrughan Sinha

As  a father  to three grownup children  actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha places the onus  of proper parenting  squarely on  the parents.

“The  upbringing  of star children  must not be passed on others. It is up to us to ensure  our children are  drugs free.You cannot depend  on nannys and ayahs  to bring up your children. Or  pack off your children   to a  boarding school just because you are in  the limelight. No! It is important  for  parents to be there for their children, and that means  you restrict your partying and  socializing to be at home with your children. To let them feel  like a family,” says the every-outspoken Shatrughan Sinha speaking on star-parenting.

Shatrughan Sinha gives  more credit to his  wife for his  children’s upbringing. “I was working three shifts when my wife  Punam gave up her career  as an actress to look after our children. I salute  Jaya Bachchan for giving  up her  superstar’s position to stay at home to look after  her children. Ahishek and  Shweta have  turned out to be such fine human beings.”

He quips, “So many actresses let their children grow with  nannys . When they see the  photographers clicking  they take their child into the  lap.That’s sad. Whom are  you fooling? The  mother in  you knows  the truth.”

Now that Aryan Khan is home , Shatrughan Sinha suggests some  good family time  at Mannat. “Shah Rukh  should take time off. Just be with the family. He has  earned unprecedented fame and  fortune. Now his son  needs  him more than ever.”

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