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Shatrughan Sinha,Sonu Sood, Shekhar Suman,Apurva Asrani Remember Sushant Singh Rajput



Shatrughan Sinha: “Is it  really one year since our  hero from  Bihar  left us?  So  much has happened since then. But his  case is still to  get a closure. What  really happened to Sushant?  How did he die  so  young? Who were  the  ones  responsible   for his death?As an outsider  from Bihar  I  know how tough this  industry can be to penetrate. Just getting to meet producers and directors is a Herculean  task. I hope Sushant’s death taught  our industry to be more  welcoming to newcomers.Yeh industry kisi ke baap ka zyedaad nahin hai.”

Shekhar Suman:  “It has been a colossus and an irreparable loss to the nation particularly to our film we complete one year mourning his loss we still wonder why the case still hasn’t got a closure!The majority of the people  all over the world feel that he had no reason to commit suicide and that he was brutally murdered.Whatever the case may be,justice has to be meted out.On the other hand it is heartening to know that so many of us who started out fighting for him are still fighting it out and remember him almost every day.It just proves what a noble soul he was.And he  will be etched on our minds forever.”

Sonu Sood:  “The world will always miss him. A talent gone too early. Sushant had so much more  to give when  death snatched him away from us. I am an outsider  in  the  film industry just like Sushant. I  know  how difficult it is to find your footing  over here.I hope his demise gave more power to the newcomers and outsiders to be strong enough to face the tough challenges of the cine world.”

Apurva Agnihotri:  “It’s  still such a shock that he’s gone. He was a sincere, hard working man who found success on his own terms. He did not deserve the bullying, the blind articles and the character assassination in the months leading to his death. I hope his loss has forced people and  systems to introspect and to be kinder to others in the future.”

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