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Shilpa Shetty Kundra: What Next?



shilpa shetty raj kundra

Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s husband Raj Kundra finally got bail after two months of incarceration for his alleged  involvement in an adult-content racket. His troubles, though, are far from over. And we are not even talking about his legal battle ahead which will probably go on for years, inconclusively.

We are talking about Kundra’s domestic troubles which have just begun. It is reliably learnt from friends of Shilpa that she was completely in the dark about her husband’s alleged involvement with the adult-content industry, and she is in no mood to forget and forgive.

A friend of the actress divulges, “When Shilpa says she had no idea of her husband’s involvement with adult content she is telling the truth. While she was busy with her kids and her own career, Raj Kundra was doing his  own thing, far away from his wife’s range of attention. Therefore the allegations (of producing adult content) hit Shilpa like a thunderbolt.”

The friend says Shilpa is no mood to forget and forgive. “There is no way Shilpa will forget, forgive and move on. There will be repercussions on the marriage, beyond the legal.”

It is not clear yet what Shilpa intends to do with her marriage. The fact that she is now determined to pursue her own career more actively that she has ever done since her marriage, is proof of her determination to be economically self-dependent .

Some of Shilpa’s colleagues feel her marriage would be irreversibly influenced by the criminal charges against her husband.

As a director-friend of Shilpa told me, “Right now as you say she is in no mood to forgive and forget. But who knows about tomorrow? She may decide to restart on a clean slate with her husband. Let’s not forget: she has  her children to consider.”

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