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Sonam Shamelessly Shamed For Dress Code With Father



Anil Kapoor is  aghast at  trolls taking offence  to Sonam’s   dress code at  the premiere  of  AK’s  new release Malang.

 Have  you no shame,  trolls ask Sonam for  wearing  a  cleavage-revealing  dress and standing next to her father.

Ironically while the purists froth  at their  collective  mouths  for  Sonam’s  apparent indiscretion,Anil  remains completely  unfazed.While he has  rightly chosen to keep a distance  from  what he  thinks the “corny controversy” a very close friend  of AK speaks on his  behalf.

“In Anil’s family every one does  his or her own  thing. There’s  no  such thing as  ‘can’t do’. Everything is fine, as  long as  it’s done in the right spirit.Anil has  never told his daughters Rhea and Sonam what to do , let alone what to wear,” says  the   source.

Adds Anil’s friend,  “Sonam is  considered a  high-priestess  of fashion. Anil’s very proud  of her dress sense. In fact on many  occasions he takes advice  from Sonam on what to wear.”

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