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Sonu Sood On The Fan Frenzy At Shirdi Temple



Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood’s popularity as  the messiah of  the masses  remains undiminished  this year. On Saturday he paid a  visit to the Shirdi temple where there seemed to  be  a larger crowd of Sonuworshippers than  for  the  God inside  the temple. 

A  video that has gone viral shows hordes  of fans calling him out as  ‘The Real Hero’.

Sonu admits he is numbed  by the adulation.“When something like this(the adulation at  the temple) happens, I  don’t know how to to react. It scares me.  How do I  continue to live  up to  people’s expectations?”

 Sonu admits to be called out as a real hero means a whole lot  of  added responsibilities. “How do I react to something like this?I’ve never heard  of an actor being called a real hero.  It means  I’m seen as someone who  doesn’t only throw punches on screen. What  can I  say? I am honoured. Such  trust and  faith  is very encouraging. It motivates me to work harder.”

 For those who think Sonu Sood   is getting way  too much  attention Sonu has this to say. “I completely agree. I don’t want all this attention.  I just want to  continue doing my work.I am not doing anything great.All of us need to give back to society what we’ve earned. I’m doing  just that.”

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