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Sonu Sood: “Questioning Good Intentions Is In Their DNA”



Actor-activist Sonu Sood  is unfazed  by trolls who are  questioning his commitment to  providing a   helping hand to the  needy all across  India.A troll  recently tried  to  prove  that a tweet asking for Sonu’s help was  a work  of  manufactured distress.

Sonu  responded  by  sending screen shots  of surgery appointments  from the  hospital and  also took a  potshot at  the  doubter  by  retorting that he should at least send flowers  to  the  needy after  surgery.

 When I caught  up with Sonu to ask about why  the cynics  doubters and  other trolls need  to be addressed at all he  replied, “I am not really going  out of my way to justify  my behavior to people who doubt my intentions.To be negative is in their DNA. It’s not their fault.All  these are trolls. They have  no spine and  they are  only seeking attention.”

However Sonu feels  the  need  for  transparency  in his dealings. “The   common  man should know  how we  function, how we  operate , how  many people reach out to us, and  not just on twitter, but on  phone as well. We’ve a toll-free  number, we also have  people reaching out to us on   Instagram,email etc.”

Sonu  says he knows  who the  trolls are.”I know their backgrounds, their names and where  they’re coming  from . So I don’t  need  to explain myself to them. This negativity is  my  impetus to keep doing  the good work, regardless  of  what  the cynics have  to say.”

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