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Sonu Sood To Now Campaign Against Domestic Violence



Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood’s endeavour to see as many migrants home as  possible has yielded tremendous  results.He  is not to another problem that plagues  Indians  during these  times  of the violent virus.

Domestic violence.

Says  Sonu, “In smaller cities and towns we’ve seen  the  rise  in cases  of  domestic violence  during the lockdown. We  need  to  create awareness  of this problem specially in the  non-metropolitan  sector .”

 Sonu is  in consultation with a  lot organizations. “There is  a foundation Hothur which has done  a lot of good work with acid-attack survivors. We are  trying to  team up with such organizations   to create  awareness on this issue.”

Sonu feels there is a  need for women to come forward  to report cases  of  domestic violence. “The  problem is  aggravated  because women  don’t  report  these  cases . That’s why it persists.Some  kind of strict  action against  perpetrators of domestic violence and some  strong  law-enforced remedies are required.We are looking into all that.”

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