Sundeep Kishan On Growing Wiser, Entering The Horror-Comedy Genre


Inspired by the spectacular success of the Bollywood comedy-horror Stree, Telugu star Sundeep Kishan, who turned a year older on May 7 , has turned producer with the eerie Ninu Veedani Needanu Nene(NVNN)

Was the decision to turn producer prompted by the desire to make things happen to his career? “No, it was more about wanting to back this project the way it needed to be backed as it’s a commercial film with a fresh concept so I had to make sure that the balance was right.”

Sundeep feels there is plenty of scope to explore the horror genre. “ If done right ,yes.Stree is a classic example for it. NVNN his is an emotional horror film with a lot of humour laced into it.Our horror films are very clear as to which film is catering to whom and are made on that basis.Some of the biggest commercial hits here in Telugu cinema are horror movies .But we just chose to go the emotional way and make dramatic films.”

Sundeep says there is covert humour in NVNN. “Humour isn’t the dominating emotion in the film but is very generously spread into the film.Vennela Kishore,the actor who plays the guy in the mirror in my film ,is a huge comic star here with a big following for his humour.But the humour flows with the story.We will get the first copy soon and will lock the release date soon.”

Sundeep enjoyed the role of the producer. “It was interesting to stick to my job as an actor but as a producer a lot went into understanding what was required to make a scene look right as it done in a specific way.My team did its best to support our director Caarthick Raju in the best possible way we could. I ‘m enjoying being an actor and producer.I want to be good at acting first.”

This birthday has brought a lot of wisdom for Sundeep. “I’ve learnt so much during the past year. Feel like a different person.Last year has taught me a lot.I brought in my birthday with my team and a party for all the press persons who have stood by me through these years .I was shooting on my birthday followed by party with friends in the night.”

And what has life taught Sundeep in the past year? “ To be a man and not a boy.To own up to my mistakes and learn from them and most importantly, to live life with gratitude.”

For the first time in 8 years Sundeep says he is single. “But it’s good.If and ever I get into another relationship it will be my best ever.I learnt so much over the years.I need to start meeting more people out of my comfort zone.”

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