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Sushant Felt Anurag Kashyap Would Never Forgive Him For Rejecting His Films



Sushant Singh Rajput’s  problem  was never one of too little opportunities. It  was one  of too many opportunities. He was spoilt  for choices. And he  often ended  up making the wrong choices.

The whole world know Sushant  turned down  three  Sanjay Leela Bhansali  films to devote two years  of his precious life to Yash Raj Films’ Paani which never  got made.

Now  Anurag Kashyap has revealed that he offered Sushant  two films , both of which he  rejected for reasons best known to him.Sources close to Sushant reveal he was constantly worried about hurting filmmakers whose  projects he  rejeced.

 In fact one day he and  Rhea Chakbraborty were watching an Anurag  Kashyap film together when Sushant suddenly  said, “I rejected Anurag’s films. He will never forgive me.”

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