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Sushant Singh Rajput Had No  Plans To Turn Producer



With Sushant Singh Rajput’s death everyone  and anyone  even closely associated with him  feels entitled  to tear slices out of his unfinished life  and  make it his own.

There  is a  story  doing  the  rounds that he intended to turn  producer  if he lived. Saying that Sushant intended  to turn  astronaut would make sense ,since  Sushant was a keen  student of astronomy.

As  for turning  producer  Sushant very  clearly denied  any such plans when I  last spoke to him.

He  also denied that his career was a casualty  of  any prejudice.

He  said  to me , “Fortunately when I started doing films , the film industry was already creating some great content and was open to hire talents without any prejudices so I’ve been lucky that way. In coming years I would expect a lot more original content and a bit more courage as very soon cinema per se will be fighting exponential technologies like VR to surv

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