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Swara Bhaskar On Why She Appealed To Shaheen Bagh’s Ladies To Stay Home



Swara Bhaskar

 While  most Indians followed  PM Narendra Modi’s advice to stay home on  Sunday  for the ‘Junta Curfew’ the  ladies  who  have been gathering regularly at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh to protest against  government’s policies ,chose to take  a defiant stand  and  insisted  on gathering at the Bagh as usual.

But this time one  of  their most ardent supporters from  the  entertainment  industry Swara Bhaskar refused  to endorse  their stand.

In an Instagram post  Swara Bhaskar  says, “We are committed to the Constitution and we are committed to the values of the Constitution. At a time of global pandemic – as the Corona virus Covid-19 spreads all over India rapidly.. self quarantine, isolation and social distancing are the only ways to lessen the speed with which this virus spreads. As citizens it is our duty to isolate ourselves and social distance. In light of these developments- my appeal to the amazing Dadis of Shaheen Baugh and all the fiesty women and people of the sit-in protests across the country: Stand Up! Self isolate! Vacate the streets! “

Swara Bhaskar ’s stand against the Shaheen Bagh protestors  decision to go against PM Modi’s Junta Darbar has been seen by some  as  a turncoat  swing in  her  ideology. However Swara  is  very sure  of theright and  the wrong of the situation.

“Putting lives of  so many  people at risk is  certainly not right,” she  Swara Bhaskar , “No sir. I think that it’s important in any movement to re-strategise itself as per actual reality.With Corona going on it’s unwise and irresponsible to keep the sit-ins on at Shaheeen Bagh  as before.Right Wing want an outbreak of Corona at one of these protests and then they can de-legitimise us forever!”

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