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Taapsee Pannu: “I don’t get bored”



Taapsee Pannu in Annabella Sethupathi

Taapsee Pannu Talks To Subhash K Jha  About Her New Film Annabella Sethupathi And Her  Forthcoming  Projects

When did you shoot for Annabelle Sethupathi ? 

Taapsee Pannu: I shot it  after the first lockdown. It was  the first film I shot since  Covid.I shot for  it in September 2020

What do you play and what’s the film about?

Taapsee Pannu: I have a double role. It’s a fantasy comedy based on the idea of reincarnation. My first double  role. So doubly exciting.

What was  it like  working with the wonder Vijay Sethupathi?

Taapsee Pannu: I was also looking forward to working with him. I  liked his work and heard good things about him from before. They all turned  out to be true. I’m glad we could share screen space.

You started you career in  the South.So this is  in a way, a homecoming?

Taapsee Pannu: I do at  least one South film every year. So it’s not new for me. My last  South film was  the Tamil-Telugu Game  Over in  2019.

How do you manage to be so prolific?

Taapsee Pannu: I genuinely like my job and have reached a stage where I can pick and  choose films I know will get me  excited to go to work every morning,rather than  doing films just for the sake of staying in the market.

You have  just finished shooting your first home production Blurr. What was that like?

Taapsee Pannu: Very very emotionally taxing to do that film .I am now finishing the last two days of shoot here in Mumbai for the same now. It has been a good experience in all ways. Learnt a lot, celebrated a lot. I am finishing Blurr in two days and then on to Shabash Mithu.

Audiences don’t mind you being so prolific since  every film of yours is unique?

Taapsee Pannu: Ya I guess the shift in genres and characters really helps me to keep going. I don’t get bored. Tired yeah sometimes, but never bored.

 Do you  like your  new role  as  a producer?

Taapsee Pannu: I have always liked to own up to  the responsibility of my films. Just that now I can हक से ask for things I would want to be in my films and take calls which as an actor I don’t do because of  the  of  being called intrusive.

How is Shabash Mithu looking to you?

Taapsee Pannu: I had only shot for six days when we stopped shoot on account of  the lockdown. Now getting back will be like a re-start. So have to start afresh since it’s gonna be the director and  his new team in a film ,why is it a  problem for him?

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