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Taapsee Pannu On Aryan Khan’s Arrest!



Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee Pannu is  not one to shy away  from controversial  issues. Hence,  while most  if not almost all of  Shah Rukh  Khan’s influential  friends  have  maintained  a discreet silence over his son’s arrest  .

But here’s what Taapsee Pannu  had to say when I asked her about  it.

“See , I really don’t have great insights into it. But  from my understanding  of  the situation what I gather is, we as  public figures when we get love attention and all those perks  of  celebrity, and our families also  get the same—fortunately  or unfortunately , whether we  like it or no–  then  there is  bound to be  the other side of these celebrity perks,the so-called backlash .

Taapsee Pannu feels the  adulation and  the  flak are  two sides  of the same  coin. “When a star is  adulated we say why is he getting undue attention. We feel the same  way when he is  targeted as a public figure. The targeting feels more unfair than  it would have if it happened to  a non-celebrity. Both the extremes  are  a reality.”

The Pink actress feels there isn’t much that can  be done to  help the situation.

“Like it  or not that’s the way it is. Somewhere we know that since  we are public figures these are  the likely repercussions. We just have  to deal with it,” says  Taapsee Pannu who in her forthcoming film  Rashmi  Rocket   plays  an athlete who  pays  the same  price  of  being a public figure as  Aryan Khan: a media trial.


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