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Taapsee Pannu Regrets Speaking  About Her Private Love Life



An interview on a  gossipy website  meant to spotlight  Taapsee Pannu’s  rapport with her mother, has ended  up making headlines  for  reasons other than a Mother’s Day message.

Apparently while  being interviewed with her mother, TTaapsee Pann was  coaxed  by  the  portal to speak about  her  relationship with her  boyfriend  Danish badminton player Mathias Boe. Though she  did not mention her beau Boe by name, her  relationship with him ,sadly  became the highlight  of  the  Mother’s Day Interview.

Taapsee Pann regrets talking about her personal life.  “I don’t like to talk about my personal life. Our media highlights that over everything else a person achieves.”

Not that  Taapsee Pann doesn’t give  equal importance  to her  personal and  professional life. “My  personal life  has the rightful place it deserves.My personal life has always been equally important as my professional. But I don’t like to discuss work at home and home at work. And  this interview proved me right.”

Taapsee Pann doesn’t appreciate how  a Mother’s day interview  was converted  into an expose  of her love life. “My mother  and I spoke with  the interviewer for Mother’s Day and  instead of  highlighting my bonding with my mother  they highlighted my relationship. That proves never to let your personal life be exposed to people  who don’t know where to draw line.”

Taapsee Pann says she  is now  looking  forward to  the  end of  the lockdown. “I was  doing fine  at home so far. But since  May started I have been getting the urge to go out. The one really good  part of the lockdown is  that I’m getting to spend time  with  my parents  and my sister  Shagun.”

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