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Telugu Remake Of Pink Has Pavan Kalyan Hogging The Limelight



 The  makers  of Vakeel  Babu  the Telugu  version  of  Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s  2016  cult hit Pink are under  fire for changing the  entire focus and perspective  of the original.Apparently the remake  shifts attention from the three  victims  of sexual violence(played in  the original by  Taapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari, Andrea Tariang) to the lawyer  who fights their case. 

Apparently  the  lawyer character, played  by Pavan Kalyan is now  the  centre of attention in  the plot. In fact a  poster released  on Women’s Day shows Pavan Kalyan  sprawled on a chair while the three heroines(played by  Anjali, Nivetha Thomas, Ananya Nagalla) are  shown standing behind Pavan Kalyan.

Netizens  have responded angrily to the  hero hogging the limelight in a sensitive heroine-oriented film.A  director who has worked with Pavan Kalyan laughingly said,  “Sir you can call  the film Pink, Blue Or  Red. But when  it is Pavan Kalyan in  the lead  audiences will come to see  only him. That’s why the Telugu remake  is called Vakeel Babu, not  Teen Deviyan Aur Ek  VakeelBabu.”Looks  like patriarchal rules  of  stardom still rule the South Indian film industry.

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