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Thalaivi Trailer: It’s Kangana All The Way



The  Thalaivi trailer shows Kangana Ranaut as  Tamil Nadu’s former  Chief Minister  at the peak of her power.  It is very clear  in  the  stylishly tailored trailer that Kangana is  having a great deal  of fun with her  controversial politician’s character. She is looking heavier  , more  dramatic  and  crowd-pleasing than in  any  of her earlier author-backed roles  in Revolver Rani,  Queen and Manikarnika.

  As  is evident in the trailer Kangana has to show two levels  in her performing abilities. As  Jayalalitha  the politician and  Jayalalitha  the actress. And let’s face  it the  two roles in  the real Jayalalitha’s life were inter-changeable.  In   order to be  a good politician  she had to be an  actor    and in order to be  a  ruling boxoffice queen she  had to know how to negotiate the politics  in  the  film industry.

 Both the  roles, Kangana negotiates  with a savage grace . That harrowing episode out of  Jaylalitha’s life when  she was roughed up in  parliament  is recreated   in the trailer. Kanganadoesn’t hold back. When has she ever? Comparing herself  to  Draupadi  in  the Mahabharat, straddling  the two worlds  of politics  and cinema with confidence, she is here to  lay claims to another National award  next year.

Arvind Swamy is  unrecognizable   as  M G Ramachandran. I  honestly  couldn’t recognize him!It is  an amazingly transformative  performance,  and  it would be   interesting to see where the rle  goes  . Is  Arvind playing only the sexist catalyst  ? Or something  more? 

Would the  bio-pic bring out the subtler  shades  of   Jayalalitha’s character? At  the  moment it appears  to be all black and  white.And of course Eastmancolor.

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