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Telugu Superstar Mahesh Babu Who Turns 45 On August 9 Talks About Celebrations Amidst the Lockdown



Mahesh Babu 

How  are you bringing in  your birthday?

 The entire nation and the world is in quarantine. This time  my birthday would be  at  home only  with my wife and kids .And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate.

So what are  the quarantined plans for the day?No plans really but a good family lunch is on the cards and some movie-watching with the kids .I’ve been  watching a  lot of films with my wife Namrata, son Gautam  and daughter Sitara. Most  of  the  time  I end  up watching what they want.

What  is  you message  for your fans for your birthday?
My message to all my fans is that I’m forever  humbled with all their love and blessings and indebted to them  for making me who I am.I truly believe if I’m where I am  it’s  due in a  large  part  to  their love and I’m extremely blessed and grateful for that .

Your  fans  will miss coming  out  on  the streets to  celebrate the special day?

This  is what worries me. I  want  my fans and fan clubs to  know they can’t  celebrate  my birthday the way they do every  year.This year has been truly unique and challenging and I want them to  safe stay home and look after themselves and their loved ones .

Is there  anything in particular  you want them  to do for you?

I want them to say a  prayer  for me my family  and for the entire  world . We need  to come out of this  crisis together.  My birthday wish is to see us emerge  from the  clutches  of this vicious virus.I want  my fans  to know that I will miss their celebrations for my birthday.But this year  we have to be aware and careful .

Besides  spending time with your  wife and children how have you been spending these  four  months at  home?
I have been doing many things . But what makes me  specially happy is that  I’ve done the one thing that I wanted to do  for  the  longest  time .I’ve learnt swimming during this lockdown with my children  Gautam  and Sitara.

Have you been eating and sleeping  more than usual?

Not really. I am a very self-disciplined  kind of guy.No vices, no  excesses! I’ve been exercising, eating well and catching up on my sleep,  but not too much of it.I  feel  the  lockdown has made me more disciplined . It’s back to the basics .

Do you  make a birthday wish each year before  blowing the  candles?
Noooo!  I just make sure I’m with my family on this day ! Cake, candles,birthday wish used  to happen  years ago before my children were  born. Now  they do all the  usual birthday stuff on  their birthdays.

Final  question, how do you manage to look 22 at 45?

Ha ha.Ask my wife. She feeds me  well and looks after me . A disciplined  life free of  self indulgence and vices…I guess that’s the  formula. This doesn’t mean I don’t have fun in life. I do! But  I am not telling you how and when.

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