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Actors Above 65 Allowed To Shoot, Hema Malini, Shatrughan Sinha Jubilant



Actors Above 65 Allowed To Shoot, Hema Malini, Shatrughan Sinha Jubilant 12

The honorable Mumbai  High Court has  upturned  film federation guideline that actors  above 65  be not allowed to shooting during the Corona epidemic.

Veteran  actor Kanwaljeet Singh who  was  the  first  to protest against  the  government guideline says happily, “I have  got my makeup  bag down  from  the attic.”

 BJP  parliamentarian 71-year  old Hema Malini is ecstatic  by  the High Court ruling. “I’ve been  fighting tooth and nail against this unreasonable  guideline. I understand it was for precautionary purposes. But where  were the  senior artistes  supposed to  go to earn their living? We can’t just sit at home any longer for  the  fear of  the Coronavirus. We have  to take  precautions and venture  out. The  Corona is  here to  stay.”

74-year  politician-actor Shatrughan Sinha  says  age has nothing to with immunity against virus.  “Bachchan Saab was tested negative while the son of the nation Abhishek is still recovering  while all pray for his  quick and complete recovery. I am glad this  ridiculous  guideline has been  upturned  by  the   High Court. Whether one  is  25, 45 , 65 or  75 one  needs to  feel useful to oneself and  to the family by making a  living. If a 65-year old man can run  a business empire why can’t he be  efficient at his job place?’

 Adds veteran Zarina  Wahab, “What were we older actors supposed  to do? Sit at home and watch youngsers shoot? Who would have played their parents? This  guideline  was  bound to go. It was never meant to be  in the first place.”

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