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Ten Top Tapori Turns In Tinsel Town



Aamir Khan In  Rangeela


  1. Aamir Khan In  Rangeela: he came we saw he conquered. Many regard Aamir’s Munna in Ram Gopal’s Rangeela as his best. The way he spoke his throwaway tapori lines and wooed wannabe heroine Mili(Urmila Matondkar) by reading out the lines of her hero from  her script, or that legendary tapori act in a 5-star hotel with a hoitytoity waiter, Aamir made an ekdum parda-phad tapori.
  2. Sanjay  Dutt in Munnabhai MBBS: Goofy, insufferably noisy and intrusive and an incorrigible do-gooder, Dutt’s the way we like it. The incarcerated actor’s streetwise tapori act was raw yet lovable, violent yet gentle…The performance subsumed all these contradictions. No wonder director Subhash Kapoor says he won’t make Munnabhai 3 until Dutt is out. Baraabar.
  3. Arshad Warsi in Lage Raho Munnubhai: In  the sequel to Munnabhai MBBS Warsi as Dutt’s sidekick had honed his Mumbaiyya lingo and body language to such an extent that he seemed to be born to play Circuit . Cocky and coarse Warsi was wacky and energetic .And much more. Boley toh, ekdum dhin-chak-dhin.
  4. Anil Kapoor in Ram Lakhan: Wide-eyed mischievous and prankish Anil’s roguish ever-grin tapori act brought the house down. The song 1 2 Ka 4 became synonymous with Anil’s tapori persona. Full-on jhakaas, kya?
  5. Shah Rukh Khan in Josh: Casting Aishwarya Rai as Shah Rukh Khan’s twin sister was as disastrous it can get . But Shah Rukh’s tapori act with flaring nostrils, upraised collar, arrogantly abusive and insanely violent hit home. And to top it all Shah Rukh even sang his own tapori song Apun bola tu meri laila. No wonder Aamir Khan coveted Shah Rukh’s tapori role. But director Mansoor Ali Khan preferred to offer Aamir the role that Chandrachur Singh played. Teehee. Never mind.Aamir had tapori’s revenge in Rangeela.
  6. Amitabh Bachchan In Lawaaris: Absolutely street-smart and utterly uncaring of etiquette when the Big B makes fun of  the hoity-toity Zeenat Aman in a posh restaurant we know why audiences love the tapori act so much. Such characters are the greatest screen equalizers.
  7. Salman Khan in Judwaa: Ailaa! It’s Sallu in his bright yellow trousers and florid shirts. Playing the sadak-chaap in one of the double roles Salman was an absolute bomb-phataka wriggling his pelvis with Karisma Kapoor to the tune of Chalti hai kya nau se baarah. Ladki phansli re….
  8. Akshay Kumar in Rowdy Rathore: As the ‘lovable crook’ Shiva who wooes Sonakshi Sinha through weddings and  gang wars Akshay’s tapori act ranks very high in his  of can-do list. With that match-stick dangling between his lips and a swagger that exuded tapori-dam, Akshay ke roadside Romeo mein tha dum.
  9. Vivek Oberoi in Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story: Though the film came and went without a whimper  Oberoi’s flamboyant Bhai-act was impeccably well-aimed. Among his best performances since the debut in Company.
  10. Ranbir Kapoor in  BesharamChulbul Pandey meets Rowdy Rathore.Ranbir at his rowdiest, hathoda maar ke.
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