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The 6 Most  Eagerly Awaited Films Of 2022



While 2020 was  a near-blank in the movie theatres , 2021  showed a  gradual revival  of  the  movie-theatre business with  Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavanshi, and specially  Spiderman No Way Home bringing  the audience back into theatres. 2022 has an impressive lineup of potentially  explosive  blockbusters.  Here  are  the  ones that  are likely to bring audiences back in the first-half of the year.

  1. Gangubai Kathiawadi:  Because  it’s Sanjay Leela Bhansali. This means something extraordinary. This  time Bhansali moves out of his comfort zone.Abandoning the   epic opulence   of  Devdas , Bajirao Mastaniand  Padmaavat he has  carved a no-flab slinky and sinewy gangster  epic which is  not dark and dingy but actually great fun to watch.Alia Bhatt’s career will move to the  next level with this. Don’t expect Rajamouli’s RRR to do anything for her career. Expected  Release  Date: February 18.
  2. RRR:S  S Rajamouli….  Baahubali !!!  Do we  need  to say  anything  more? This will be the  Spiderman No Way Home of  2022, although on  the minus side, Ramcharan Teja  and NTR Jr,  the two lads  looming over the  lush stunts, have a  zero market in  the cow belt. But then, who knew Prabhas before Baahubali? Rajamouli’s trademark grandeur and incredible  storytelling prowess are the two heroes of this breathlessly awaited  film.Expected Release date: 7 January  2022
  3. Shamshera:  Ranbir Kapoor returns to   the screen after  a  hiatus of  almost three  years. Was he  missed?  We shall soon know. Is  he convincing as  a  ferocious dacoit, a  role that his  super-talented  Dad Rishi Kapoor would  never  have touched with  a  bargepole? We  shall soon know. Will director Karan Malhotra make a  hash  of  it the way he  did  with the remake of Agneepath?Why is Shamsherain  my list  of the  most awaited films of the year?  Because  I am told  it is not a routine dacoit drama  like Mera Gaon Mera Desh or  Mujhe Jeene Do. It is  raw and real. And  there are no galloping horses  . Because  the Chambal Valley  never had any horses. Expected Date  Of Release:  March 18
  4. Bhool  Bhulaiyaa 2:  Kartik Aaryan  is  on  a  winning streak. He  steps into  Anees Bazmi’s crazy crazy world  with hilarious  results. Trust me , this will be the  funniest film  of the year.  For one, Anees’  film is  as far removed  from Priyadarshan’s   Bhool Bhulaiya from 2007  as humanly possible. I am  fully confident this is  going to be the laughter  tank of 2022.Expected Date  Of Release: March 25
  5. LaalSingh Chadha:  Because   it is  Aamir   Khan. And because  it  isAamir Khan doing a  Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump.  I have always  thought of Aamir as  India’s Hanks, and  that’s  a huge compliment. Like  Hanks, Aamir seldom errs in the selection  of his  films and roles. Laal Singh Chadha has Aamir reliving the entire  history of India,from   the Partition   in  1947 to the  fall of  the Babri Masjid.    Salman  Khan attempted something  similar  in Bharat and failed. That’s where this Khan steps in. Expected Date  Of Release: April 14.
  6. Maidaan: According to me  Ajay Devgan is  the topmost boxofficedraw of Bollywood  in present times. In  Maidaan he plays  the legendary football coach   Syed Abdul Rahim. All the football matches are  played with real footballers  from the worldover. The director  is Amit Sharma who  made the ground-breaking Badhaai Ho in  2019. Sharma is one of the brightest  directorial talents  of the post-Bhansali generation. This film will do what Kabir Khan’s  ’83 couldn’t do  to  the sports genre. Expected  Date  Of Release:  June 3.
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