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The Batman Won’t Cuss In India




It looks like the sanskari days  of  the  censorboard are  back with a  bang.  The eagerly awaited  new Batman  film which  opens in India  and the worldover on March 4 , has been  “cleaned  out” by  our  wise censor.

Sources say Robert Pattinson who  takes over Batman’s cape, won’t be heard  abusing .All thanks  to the  Central  Board Of  Film Certification which  five years ago, would let James Bond kiss his lust-interest. Nothing changes  in the permanent  province  of  prudery.

“It’s bad influence on kids. Batman is  a superhero , a role model  for  children and  impressionable  minds  across the world. Hearing him swear would give a kind of legitimacy to  bad language that our culture doesn’t permit,” a source close to the censorboard informs me.

Sources say that Pattinson’s Batman has been beeped out in at least  10-12  dialogues.

Apparently the censorboard has muted all  the ‘SOB’ s  and  ‘fu.k’s  in the  soundtrack. These have  also been removed in  the subtitles as well.

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