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The British Parliament Invites Vivek Agnihotri



Vivek Agnihotri

After conquering the Indian  boxoffice  The Kashmir  Files   director Vivek Agnihotri  now heads  to British parliament to  speak of  the plight of Kashmiri Pandits.

Sharing this startling information—do we know  of any  other Indian  filmmaker  to have been extended this honour?—Vivek says, “That’s right ,my wife Pallavi and I  have been invited to the British parliament. We  will be heading there next month. The Kashmir Files  was made with the  express purpose  of taking  the message  of  the Kashmir Pandits’ genocide to  every corner  of the world. I am glad we are getting there.”

In addition ,  there is talk now of dubbing The Kashmir Files in  multiple  South Indian languages  to extend its reach. According to  boxoffice sources the Hindi version  of  The Kashmir Files has done far better business than the  recent  Tamil  releases in Chennai.

Says Vivek, “The reach of the  film is  growing. We have nothing to do with it.  The  power to influence  mindsets  is  not  in our hands. It  comes from God . We are just the medium.”

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