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The KGF2 Trailer: All Fire & Blood, No Passion




The one thing that becomes immediately apparent  in the trailer  of  the breathlessly  awaited  followup to KGF2 is  that it is far more polished than the first part  which was  fairly rough in texture and execution. There is a  certain polished proclivity to the  aura of rancid rancour  hat shrouds this fretful franchise in its second innings.

The mood remains  irredeemably  grim. There is  not a  smile to be seen  in  the trailer  of  KGF2  .Everyone is surly and  sullen.The Growl is the  chosen  form of expression. The crowd  scenes are mounted  on  a scale  to rival Rajamouli.  But  there is  certain amount of exaggeration in the  epic  ambitions. The chosen  colours for the  feverish frames are rust-brown and  blackish-grey .

‘Rocking Star’(as his fan s like  to call him)  Yash makes an entry  in a blazing trail of a drawl.


“I don’t like   violence,” he deadpans under that  thick beard. “Violence  likes me. I can’t avoid(sic.).”

Neither can  the  sequel to the freak-hit of 2018  avoid violence. It is  dark and  sinister.Gritty and  grisly.   But somehow the overall effect is  that of an over-anxious team trying to build extra steam in  a product that became in its  initial  release far  more successful than  it was expected to be. And let’s face it. KGF Part 1  was an awful film. Blood-splattered,gloomy grumpy and  gory, it  made revenge  look like  a  torture  chamber for  the audience.

Also, the supporting cast of the first   KGF was very poor. KGF2  has some eye-soothing faces, like Raveena Tandon  playing a   Machiavellian politician .

“Ghus ke marenge,” Raveena warns with gritted teeth, reminding us  more  of the country  attacking Pakistan than a politician ordering an anti-social  to be brought in….Or was that  an ominous  representation of  the fear during the  pandemic  that   this epic-sized  product  was likely to fit into the  home-viewing   format?

Wait. Am I reading too much into  what is  clearly a clash  between the ‘Rocking’ hero Yash and the  ‘shocking’ villain Sanjay Dutt?

 The trailer is   cut in aways that  give nothing away except the fact that the  action scenes are  shot in  ominous colours  that make the  flow of blood darker  than  usual. There is  an element of sepia blended with blood in the art direction that is  quite fascinating.  But apart from that  there is  nothing here to make us count the  days  until the  release on April 14.

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