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The Nomadic Stunner Nargis Fakhri Who’s Making A Comeback To Indian Cinema



Nargis Fakhri

You have been missing from Bollywood and Indian cinema for quite some time. Gypsy that you are, where have you been all this time?

I took a little time off to focus on my health and other behind-the-scenes work in the USA. Then when I was ready to come back to India in March 2020 the pandemic shut everything down. You know what  they say, woman proposes God disposes.

We keep reading things about your love life. So once and for all , are you single,in a relationship, engaged  or  disengaged? If you are with someone who is the  lucky guy?

My love life seems to always be on everyone’s mind except mine(laughs). No, I’m single at the moment.

It  is good to hear that  you are coming back to  Indian cinema. Tell me about the Telugu  film that you are  doing with Pawan Kalyan. Director Krish tells me  you are  playing Jahanara?

I am so excited to be working on a south film as its something new for me.  I love challenges and new experiences.I’m looking forward to working with Pawan and Krish!

What is stopping you from signing  films in Bollywood?  Would it be correct to say that  your  experience  in  the Hindi film industry so far has not been too  pleasant?

Actually the pandemic stopped me (laughs).There is nothing stopping me from signing films in Bollywood. My experience in Bollywood has been an interesting one. As I look back on what I went through, I understand it was all part of the process and it has shaped me as a person. I learned a lot. I enjoyed the good experiences and learned from the not-so-good experiences.

In  2017-18   the MeToo  movement gripped Hollywood. It had  less of an impact  on  Bollywood. Why do  you think the Harvey Weinsteins  of  the Indian entertainment industry are still roaming free?

I have no idea as I was in the  US and am unaware as to what was happening in India at that time. It’s sad and scary if the guilty are still roaming free.

How has the pandemic been treating you?  I know you like to travel. That being  restricted, how  have you  coped with  staying relatively  stationary?

I was at a silent meditation  retreat in Portland, Oregon when this pandemic happened, so when I got back home and went grocery shopping I was wondering why there was no food. But I was so zen that nothing bothered me. So  since you know me, then you know I was not stationary. I actually did a lot of traveling during the pandemic. I drove up and down the coast of California, did a lot of outdoor activities, like hiking, biking, swimming, boating etc. I also flew domestically. It was an interesting experience to be at the airport and having it totally empty.

The  world has changed  in the last two years. How  has  it changed for you? And how are  you coping with the  new world?

Nothing has changed for me, I continue to live my life the way I always have.

Are  you  going to be in India  for a  while now?

I am back in Mumbai, with a new and fresh perspective on things. Which is making me excited to see what opportunities will come my way.

The digital  platform has boomed  during the  pandemic. Are  you  looking at  doing anything there?

Times have changed and so adaptation is necessary, so yes, I’m definitely open to the digital platform space.

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