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The Sushant Tragedy Turned Into  A Circus, Friends Turned Away From Funeral Ground



Suddenly  a whole lot of  Sushant Singh Rajput’s  “friends”  have surfaced  from nowhere, actors , big small and  largely  jobless, shedding tears  over his untimely demise. The truth is, Sushant hadn’t met any  of these  so-called friends  for  years.

 In fact one  actor who was launched many  years  ago with great fanfare but was soon  relegated to  anonymity  for his brash arrogant behaviour, suddenly started  playing the role of Sushant’s heartbroken friend and  ally.  He  was  even invited to Sushant’s  cremation, by whom nobody knows,   while  several  of his  real friends were  left behind.

Says a source close  to the  actor, “Only  20 people were  allowed  on the cremation ground. These included people who had nothing  to do with   Sushant. Nobody knows who  invited  these   people with no connection to Sushant to witness his final journey.  But those  who were actually close to him were denied  entry into the cremation ground.”

Those  shedding crocodile tears  for Sushant’s  going hadn’t met him  in  years, if at all.

Everyone is  offering his or her own narrative. There are  actors who had never met Sushant during his entire  life   wanting   to  know why  Sushant didn’t pick up the phone and call them  when he  was  depressed. This kind of  belated empathy  would be funny if it were not so tragic. There  was  not a  single friend  or family member with Sushant when he  left this  world.

Why   the belated  flow of  empathy?

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