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Karanvir Bohra On Why He Won’t Use Chinese Products



After the  latest  display  of Chinese aggression at  the  border, television  and  OTT  star Karanvir Bohra  has decided  to boycott all  Chinese products  including the  phone app Tiktok.

Says  Karanvir, “I’ve been contemplating this since a month and   the killing of our soldiers  at the border was the final  nail on the coffin..My country lost jawans in a fight with Chinese soldiers.There were tears in my eyes when I heard  this news. Me deleting will not get the lives back, but what face will I show to God that the country I live in, was born in is in bad terms with a country whose product I’m using.What kind of citizen am if I can’t do this  much?”

 Reasons  the Casino  star, “It’s  like if  you hurt a  member  of my family.  My parents  or my siblings. Would I entertain you? No? When  you kill my brothers  on the  border who  go out there fearlessly  and  fight to protect  our country you are  causing hurt to my  family . I can’t do what these brave  soldiers  do  simply for  the love of their  motherland.

Karanvir felt burdened with  guilt after  many soldiers were  killed by the Chinese earlier this week. “If  these  dead soldiers’ mothers  were  to stand  in front of  me, how would I show them  my  face? It’s easy to say ‘Mere Bharat Mahaan’ But   to really love our country we need  to look beyond self-interest. We cannot encourage  Chinese  products, whether it  is  an app  or  anything else made in  China, sorry  I’d  never  use it.”

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