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Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan To Return With War 2



One  of  the  major events  of  the next  year will be the return of the 2019 smash hit action film  War which   featured  Hrithik  Roshan  and   Tiger Shroff as  intelligence  officers who may or may not be  on  the  same side of  the  law.

One of   producers Yashraj Films most successful film  in recent times, War  was  just waiting to be turned  into a  franchise.

 The good news is that  director  Siddharth Anand is  already  working his way into the script  of  the  sequel.There was  some (loose) talk that Anand  may not return to  direct the  sequel. All  false,  as it turns  out.

An informed  source says, “War 2  is all set  to start  in mid-2020. At the moment  all  that can be said  is that it’s  going to be  much bigger than the  first War film.”

Apparently Vani Kapoor who played  the  lead  in  the  first  film  won’t return to encore  her  part.

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