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Tiger Shroff: Disha is a wonderful friend and co-star!



Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani

Tiger Shroff Who Turned  30 On March  2  Speaks To  Subhash K Jha On Being The Most Adored   Baaghi Of Bollywood

 You   turned  30 on March 2  without any fanfare?

That’s the way I’ve always liked  it. I like my birthdays  to be  working days. My parents  did a  lot  of cakes and balloons and parties for me when I was  a  child. Now it’s time  for me to work hard  so I can  give them back  some of  the  love they’ve showered  on me.

 You   bought a posh family home  a year back?

“We are yet to move into it. It’s being done  up, furnished  and designed for the last one-and-a-half years. We should be able to move into  it by the  end of this year. This  is the home I’ve always dreamt  of buying for my parents.

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So  one room in this dream home  for you  and  Disha  Patani? 

(laughs) Nothing like that.Sir, where does she come into this family home? No, Disha  is a  wonderful friend and co-star. I shot  a fabulous song with her for  Baaghi 3 and we had  a terrific time shooting it.

Would  Disha be  your  co-star in your  next  film Hero-Panti 2 ?  

She  could be. We  haven’t decided yet on other details.We  only have the script and me and of course  my director Ahmed Sir(Khan).I am  grateful to have  a producer  like  Sajid Nadiadwala who has believed  in me from the beginning. I  regard Sajid Sir as family. He will always  get priority in  my career. His films come first for me.

You   recently broke out  of his ‘Nadiadwala’ comfort  zone and delivered a thundering hit with  Yashraj Flms’ War.?

War    just took  off to another level , and I’ve to admit  sharing screen space with my idol Hrithik Sir was  an experience I will cherish  all  my  life. He has been an inspiration all my life.And to now observe  him from such close quarters was a learning experience.

War is  now a franchise. But since your character died  in the film would you be a part  of  the sequel? 

All I will say at  the moment is, you didn’t see my body in War , did you? There are many ways to manoeuvre the script to accommodate  both of us.

The  response to  your  suited action avatar  in the  Hero-panti 2 has  been  overwhelming?

For once I am  with my clothes  on  in  the poster.I will be  doing  the fights in suits  and formal  wear  for the first  time. This  time the  action is  more  on the lines of Mission Impossible  and James  Bond. I am looking forward  to getting into  Hero-panti 2.

What do  you have  to say about the action in Baaghi 3? 

When after Baaghi we  did Baaghi  2 we  made  sure the action went to the next level. In Baaghi 3 we’ve taken the stunts up by two levels since Baaghi 2. It’s something I’ve never done  before.

In Baaghi 3 you   get to share screen space for  the  first time  with  your  father Jackie Shroff.?

It was an experience I was waiting for. The  minute he entered the set all eyes and attention were on my father.And I was  just so happy to let him  be  the centre  of attention.He has a  natural aptitude for  attracting crowds and adulation whereas I am far  more shy and happy to go unnoticed.

Jackie Shroff was far  more laidback about his career than your? 

Those were  different times.  But even then, Anil Uncle(Kapoor) was hardly laidback. In today’s times  every actor has to be on his toe constantly. I’m grateful for  what I’ve got during my six years as an actor. I’ve to constantly keep working harder and harder to  ensure I don’t lose the success that  God has given me.

Any  wishes?  

To make my parents are  happy. Nothing matters more than  that.

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