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RRR Rajamouli’s Never Ending Saga, Actors Take A Pay Cut




Secretly, sections  of  the Telugu film industry call  it the new-age Mughal-e-Azam. The never-ending shooting  of Rajamouli’s latest RRR is turning the  film into an impossibly expensive project.

 Sources say the  producers are at their  wit’s end as to how to control the spiraling budget. Sources say both the leading men Ramcharan Teja and NTR Jr have offered  to waive  a  part of their  fee to  economize the  film’s out-of-control budget.

Says a source, “The two leading men are  willing to take  a cut. Ajay Devgan is  not charging  any money.And Alia Bhatt may also  do her work for a token fee. Everybody is  co-operating. “

 Now if only RRR makes  it  finally on Sankranti  2020.

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