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Trolls Want Mr Bachchan To ‘Tame’ His Wife!!!



The one question that India  needs  to answer is, which century is the  country living in?  I ask this because a  lot of Twitter users behave as if they belong to  the medieval era when women were  considered pati vrata only when stayed  somewhere around the feet  of their  revered  husbands.

 After Jayaji spoke  in defence  of the  much-maligned film industry in parliament  , neurotic netizens  have been trolling  Mr Bachchan.

Errrrr, where he  does  he come into this? Are we  to presume that if during Obama’s  presidency if someone didn’t  like what Obama said in the Senate, his wife Michelle would have been trolled? Oh wait,  this works  only the  other way. Husbands are  supposed to be  responsible  for their  wives’ conduct, and not vice  versa. If Jaya  made remarks  in parliament that the  professional abusers  didn’t like then her husband must be  pulled  up for not  “taming”  his wife and  “checking” her  behaviour?

All you haters,  you forget , we no longer consider wives to be the husband’s  property to be used and controlled as per will. More importantly, Mr Bachchan gave  up on  politics   long ago(in  1984). His  wife is  an independent  individual. She didn’t seek her husband’s consent before quitting  her career in 1973  to  be  a  wife and mother. She  hasn’t sought his permission  to join politics.

So all those asking Mr Bachchan to  ‘tame’ his wife  should go  get a  life .And  check the calendar. It’s  2020.

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