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A listers Ban Sajid Khan Permanently



As another accuser came forward  to name degraded  director Sajid Khan as MeToo accused,it is very clear  by now that  director Sajid Khan,  sibling to the  entertainment industry’s darling  Farah Khan, is  protected  from punishment for accusations of sexual harassment by  powerful elements.

Sources say  accusers  have been  hushed up through threats  and  money, though we have no  proof of this.

What we do  know  is that  another lady, a model named Paula , has now  forward  to accuse Khan  of sexual  harassment. This  is the  fourth time Khan stands accused.This allegation  is more serious than  the other three, as  Paula claims to haven been underage(17) at  the time that the incident happened.

The only bright spot to  this grim narration  of exploitation is that  the  film industry remains solidly united against Sajid Khan with  every  A-lister including  Akshay Kumar  and Hrithik Roshan saying no to working with the disgraced  director.

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