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“Unethical,” Producer Boney Kapoor Reacts To Rajamouli’s Release Date



At a time when  the movie-theatre business is  struggling for survival it comes as  shock to know  that  S  S Rajamouli has chosen September  13, 2021  as his  release date for RRR. This is  the same date that Boney Kapoor had announced  for his production Maidaan  six  months  ago.

Even more shockingly, both the films feature Ajay Devgan in the cast.

Apparently, Ajay  told Rajamouli to speak to Boney before announcing the RRR release date.

 An informed source tells me,  “Ajay is aware that his  prestigious bio-pic Maidaan  on football legend  Syed Abdul Rahim was due  in the Dussehra week this year.He  very specifically told  Rajamouli  to  speak to Boney Kapoor before announcing his release date. But Rajamouli went  ahead without  consulting Boney.”

And now  Boney is very very upset.

“Of course I am  upset!  This is  most unethical.I announced my release  date for Maidaan six  months ago. At  a time when we should all be coming together to save  the movie industry , he(Rajamouli) has  gone and  done this,” says Boney angrily.

 Would this  clash of two big Devgan  starrers be avoided ? Post the Covid crisis the last thing we  need is a boxoffice  battle on one Friday when there are so many barren Fridays staring  in the  film industry’s  anxious face.

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