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Varun Dhawan’s Conversation With Kareena Kapoor Exposes A Narcissistic Mind



Varun Dhawan’s Conversation With Kareena Kapoor Exposes A Narcissistic Mind 10

Heavily pregnant and  yet on the job, Kareena  kapoor Khan is  relentless in her pursuit of excellence.Her  popular  talkshow What Women Want invited Varun Dhawan recently  and he was as expected, full of himself, going as far as to say that  in the absence  of a Covid vaccine he was offering  us, his ever-grateful viewership, “laughter  vaccine”  in Coolie No.1

 Yaar, promotion  ki bhi hadd  hoti hai!  Next  the enthusiastic Dhawan may say Covid happened  only so that he can entertain us with his  latest film.

It was  very clear that Varun  loves three people the most: I me and  myself. He  did remember to  make  a passing reference to Govinda who  played Coolie No  1  long before Varun, and  Karisma  Kapoor who happens to be the hostess’ elder sister. Both  Varun and Mrs Khan wondered how Govinda and  Karisma  managed  to do all their work so effortlessly.

 That’s because they didn’t have to give 500 promotional  interviews  back then,nor did they  have  to worry  about their social-media image and how to project themselves as sexy singletons even  while talking  about a  life partner.It’s  a feat, I  admit.To be in a relationship and  still seem single.

Varun  told  his hostess he would have  liked to share a live-in with his lady-love. But Dad didn’t approve. Knowing David Dhawan , he would probably  throw a fit to hear this . I remember him telling  me that  today’s generation of children don’t listen to what their parents say and do exactly what they want to do.

Watching Varun in conversation with Kareena  Kapoor Khan I remembered David’s words. Varun came across as  stubbornly  self-willed . He  even asked his hostess how many  of  his films she had seen. Poor Kareena!  She seems  to have missed Varun’s masterpieces   like Main Tera Hero, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya and  ABCD2.

 Never mind. I am  sure Mrs Khan  will watch Coolie No 1. As  she reminded Varun on her show,  it is her sister’s movie and  it does star her stepdaughter Sara.  Saif, I can assure you will skip Coolie No 1. He  doesn’t watch Hindi films and specially not the ones that star his daughter.

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