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Vijay Deverakonda Returns 6 Crores To His Liger Producers? Here’s The Truth



Vijay Deverakonda

There are reports, obviously leaked by  vested interests,  that Liger star Vijay Deverakonda(VD) has returned  a part of his remuneration for Liger, Rs 6 crores to be  precise, to his  producers  Puri Jagannadh  and  Charmee Kaur.

One  doesn’t know where this ridiculous  report,  a  desperate  and utterly phoney attempt at damage control ,is  coming from.

But the truth is, there is  no truth to this report.

My impeccable sources in Hyderabad say, “There is no exchange of  money  involved after the failure  of Liger. Puri  and Kaur  have not asked  for  any refund….are they mad to do so? Which actor in the world gives a refund  after  a flop? The producers haven’t asked , and the  star has  not given.”

So whoever  is spreading these  altruistic  rumours  should back off:  you are doing  damage  to VD’s  reputation .

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