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The  Puri-Deverakonda Fall Out Is Final




After the  game-changing failure  of  Puri Jagannadh’s Liger , there has been a rising crescendo of rumours on a  massive fallout between the  director  and star. It can now  be finally and unquestionably confirmed that  Puri and Deverakonda  are  not on talking terms any longer.

Sources  from Hyderabad  tell me that that their next project  together Janaganamana has been called  off.

“Vijay is not doing the film. The bromance is over. Vijay  is not even  taking  Puri’s  calls any more,” says the source.

Apparently, Vijay has not been  paid his full fee for Liger.

“There  was  an understanding between  the two  regarding the payment. Vijay was  supposed to get  a  part of  his payment after the  film’s release.Now  Puri is  in no position to complete his payment agreement,” says the source.

 Apparently  Puri now wants to make Janaganamana  in  Hindi and Telugu with a A-lister from  Bollywood. Just how after Liger,he intends  to convince any  of the top actors  in Mumbai to  do a film with him , is  anyone’s guess.

Moral Of  The Story: filmy friendships  are valid only until they are mutually beneficial.

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