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Vijay Sethupathi: “We Haven’t Started Second Schedule Of Merry Christmas”



Vijay Sethupathi

There are reports that  Vijay Sethupathi  has re-grouped  with  his  co-star Katrina  Kaif  and director Sriram  Raghavan  for the second schedule of  their  film Merry Christmas.

   When  I spoke to Vijay Sethupathi  about this  he  gently  corrected me, “Sir, the second schedule of Merry Christmas has not started as  yet.Actually  I am  looking forward  to it  . Shooting with Sriram  Raghavan is a rewarding experience. He  knows what he  wants  and  how to get  it out of his actors.The plot of Merry Christmas is  unlike  anything I’ve done so far.”

What is  it like working with Katrina  Kaif?

Vijay Sethupathi  replies, “It’s  lovely  to work with her. She is  professional and  very  committed to her  part. Sriram  has  collected a  terrific team  for Merry Christmas  and I can’t wait to see  how it finally  shapes  up.”

As far as unusual combinations go, this one takes the cake  and the bakery. Bollywood’s  most glamorous  screen queen Katrina Kaif paired  on screen with Tamil cinema’s resident method-actor Vijay Sethupathi  who  has played everything , from a transgender in Super Deluxe to social activist  K R Ramaswamy in Traffic Ramaswamy.

 I can’t think of  a more unlikely  screen combination than this. And yet director Sriram  Raghavan,   always known to venture into forbidden territory  is bringing  Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi together.

“Audiences  will love  the  combination,” promises  Vijay Sethupathi .

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