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Virgin Bhanupriya F..ks All Sense Of Decency



Virgin  Bhanupriya(Zee5)

Starring  Urvashi Rautela, Gautam Gulati

Written  & Directed  by  Ajay Lohan

Rating:  ½ star

In the  first 15-20 people this nit witted   fatuous  mirthless and worthless sex comedy manages to  insult  fat people,thin people, menstruating women, stammering men and  cricketer Vinod Kamble.

Wait, there’s more.  If you have the patience to bear with this  boorish  grotesque  comedy on how a  girl loses  her virginity in less than two hours of storytelling, you get rewarded with—hold your breath—Gautam Gulati.Yes the  Bigg Boss superstar  himself  descending to earth  to play  Bhanupriya’s love interest.Strangely enough  Gullati  gets   full-on ‘entry scene’ like Amitabh Bachchan , while Urvashi Rautela just quietly slips  into the film.

And that should be your cue to slip out of the film before it’s too late. Some perverse streak would probably make you sit through this ordeal in the  hope  that the  storytelling would get better, that the actors (some of them like  Rajeev  Gupta and Archana Puransingh playing a squabbling couple,   certifiably competent) would  eventually persuade the cock-eyed  plot  to get more focused.

But no. Virgin Bhanupriya is  the kind of rare film that shoots  itself in its foot in trying to be funny.My heart reached out to poor Urvashi Rautela, a  pretty graceful  girl locked in a room full  of uncouth hammy  performances.  She deserves  something better.The  actress who plays  Bhanupriya’s  best friend makes  more faces than a street side vendor making pakodas.She  seems to  have a  lot of fun saying potentially shocking  lines like, “This  is an extra-large condom. I got  a  great fuck.”(or some such  nonsense).Why any girl would  carry a used condom  from  the  previous night as a badge of her  conquest,  or why the virgin heroine’s father keeps talking about sanitary pads , are  questions best left  unanswered.

 Clearly  the  film was meant to be cute and  bold. It’s  just corny and cheesy with not a single redeeming moment to stem the  torrential tide  of trash.

You call this a film?

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