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What Now For Aryan Khan?



Aryan Khan

Minutes after Aryan Khan was denied bail once again, I spoke to one of Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri’s  closest friends who said the couple had reached the end of their tether.

“It’s all become very Kafkaesque. Why is Aryan still in jail? Why is he being denied bail?” The friend wondered aloud.

After the latest bail rejection, Aryan’s mother is “inconsolable”.

“There is nothing we can say to her, no consolation to offer, no hope…What can I say to her? That all will be well ? It sounds hollow even to my ears. Frankly we all very frightened for Aryan now. He has never spent a day in such a hell hole. Will he able to survive? The danger to his life is not extraneous. Will Aryan be able to cope with the exigencies of jail life for so long?” The family friend sounded genuinely shaken.

I tried to find out more about Shah Rukh’s state of mind. All I was told is that he is not meeting anyone.

“There is no conversation. He has clammed up. He is trying to figure out his next move, I think,” the friend  sounded unsure.

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