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Where Was The New Talent In 2021?



Not one exceptional  debutant in  2021.This  was a  worrying state  of  affairs for a  film industry already grappling  with multiple issues  including a rapidly declining  viewership. Here are the ones who made their debut(for whatever  it was worth).

  1. Anmol  Dhillon : In  the silly rom-com Tuesdays & Saturdays , yesteryears’ actress Poonam Dhillon’s son Anmol made a tepid debut .Though I didn’t  see any, the boy  probably has some potential  buried  deep in  this shallow rom-com about  two  commitment-phobic youngsters who decide to meet only twice a  week to avoid getting into a serious  relationship.Seriously?
  2. Jhataleka Malhotra: Hard as it was to believe, she  is  a Sanjay Leela Bhansali heroine. Tuesdays & Saturdays was produced  by Bhansali.All  we can say in  his defence is,  even Raj Kapoor produced Dharam  Karam.And not every Raj Kapoor heroine was a Dimple Kapadia. Jhataleka  , like her co-star  Anmol Dhillon,  made zero impact. It would be   hard for them to get a  post-debut  opportunity
  3. Rinzing Denzongpa: Danny’s boy was  put  in the shoddiest  debut vehicle possible. Squad  was a  bottomless pit  where  no living creature could survive. It really  hurt to see young Rinzing Denzongpa’s career being crushed  under the  undiscriminating wheels of  such  amateurishness.  This  was an unpardonably bad  film. Those  behind the making of Squad  should be put  in front of  a firing squad.  Those in  front of   the camera deserve our heartfelt sympathy.  No actor, no matter how incompetent, deserves to be  so brutally compromised. Debutants  Rinzing Denzongpa and  Malvika Raaj  playing squad members have  no  opportunity to  prove anything except that they are in the wrong fun. .Better  luck next time, Rinzing.
  4. Rachel  Sanchita  Gupta: As  Prerna,Rachel Sanchita Gupta the skater  in Skater Girl  was  the  best debutante of  the year. She  was  a natural, though the brown coloring  could have been avoided  as kids belonging to the lower castes are not always tanned. Prerna is well played by the debutante .But little  Shafin Patel as her kidbrother  Ankush is the real discovery of  the  film. The boy conveys all the  acquired maturity and ingrained impishness of  a male heir in an impoverished family who  understands more of his sister’s  pain than he should at his age.
  5. Ahan Shetty: Ahan as  Ishaana  in Tadap  makes all the right moves. Tadap is designed as  purely a  star-vehicle  for its debutante hero . Ahan y  walks towards  the camera  in slo-mo shots, balances  himself on his  beloved  mo’bike, clenches  his fists  and  flashes his wrists, all for  love. While  Pritam  tries to make  all the right noises. One colourful song  has  young Shetty and his leading lady singing and dancing in a carnival setting, before, ahem,  making out.“The  kiss wasn’t right,”  rues Ramisa, the objectified  subject of Ishaana’s  adoration .She then proceeds to kiss  her lover-boy every five minutes for the  next  half an hour, to get it right.  By then , Ishaana is too far gone to care whether there is a world beyond the  bliss of the kiss  and the luck of the…never mind!

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