“Who Is Ranu Mandal?” Asks Lata Mangeshkar Exposing A Disturbing Musical Scam

From the  railway station to the  recording room, the  swift journey of street singer Ranu Mandalfrom  destitution to  fame, is stuff that fairytales are made of.

 But the singer,  one among  millions of women who  imitate the Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar’s voice, and her fame are now  becoming a problem for  the  Indian entertainment  industry, as fabricated  stories about her  fling with fame and  fortune are  doing the rounds  on  the internet.

 One embarrassingly  impractical story said Salman Khan had offered  the  amateur singer a  new home in Mumbai  worth 55 lakh rupees and a chance  to sing in Dabangg 3. Both stories were stoutly denied by Salman’s team.

 Now the delusional  sagas  of Ranu Mandal’s overnight stardom  have  crossed all limits  , with a  new story  gripping the internet about  how Mandal has recorded  a duet with Lata Mangeshkar. A photoshopped  picture  showing Lataji blessing her  imitator (actually  a picture of Lataji with her  sister Asha Bhosle) is also being circulated to support  Ranu Mandal’s Cinderella-like  overnight transformation from ‘ragas’ to riches.

 But the truth about the Rani Mandal scam is shocking.

Lataji has never heard  of this lady, let alone  sung a duet with her.

“Who is  she?” Lataji asks  innocently. “I’ve never heard  of her, let alone meet her.And  you are saying I’m supposed to have a sung a  duet with her? Samajh mein nahin aata kaun aisi ghalat baatein phailata  hai(I can’t understand  who spreads  such false  information).”

Lataji  says she wishes the lady well.  “But  using my name without my permission  is morally and legally wrong. And  the photograph  of me with this lady is  a scam.Please don’t believe  what you see.”

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