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Who Is Trolling Akshay Kumar?



A vicious attack  was launched on Akshay Kumar’s  character on Twitter  earlier this week . As  ‘Hawas  Ka  Devta Akshay Kumar’ trended on  Twitter, Akshay did what was  best  for  him. 

He lay low as the Twitterati indulged in the lowest level  of muck-slinging.Akshay  was  accused  of  having violated several  actresses ,with names given in a neat  list.Some of the names, including that  of a senior iconic actress, were  bizarre.

Significantly  while  calling him  out for his allegedly lustful conduct the trolls also made it a point to refer to his Canadian passport.A  source  well known to Akshay  wonders  if the attack was just an excuse to rake up the  Canadian citizenship issue again.And if so, why is it  so  important to some  people if  Akshay does not have an  Indian passport.

“It is  strange that  they bring up his  passport in a  country where we’ve almost had a prime minister with an Italian  passport.Also the vicious attack  was started  by Ajay Devgan’s fans who felt  Akshay’s fans had insulted Devgan .It would have been  proper if  Devgan has  sternly reined in his  over-zealous fans,” says  Akshay’s friend.

 But then  when have actors ever  learnt  to respect  their colleagues’ space ?

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