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Why Is Kareena Kapoor Khan Doing A Minuscule Role In Angrezi Medium?



 No doubt one of the top leading ladies  of  the  new millennium, Kareena Kapoor Khan seems  to  be getting  into the anything-goes zone.  In  the  eagerly awaited  Angrezi Medium her  fans would  be  heartbroken  to see Kareena Kapoor Khan in a very small  role.

A  source  close to the project  reveals, “Contrary  to  belief ,   Kareena Kapoor Khan  isn’t playing the lead opposite  Irrfan. He doesn’t have a leading  lady in Angrezi MediumKareena Kapoor Khan  plays a  Pakistani cop in London who  helps Irrfan. It  is  a role with little meat, probably the smallest  part she has  played in her career, not counting  the  guest appearance she did with Akshay Kumar in Gabbar Is Back.”

Apparently she agreed to do the  role as  the shooting coincided with her holiday in London.

“This is the  flimsiest excuse  we’ve heard for  an  actor taking  the  role,”  sniggers  the source.

Kareena Kapoor Khan had a hit last year  in  Good Newzz  where she  played  a woman desperate to  havea  child  with  Akshay  Kumar  as her  supportive spouse. After  playing  the  lead one  wonders  why she would slip into the slippery realm  of a cameo.

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